My goal, as a Language Assistant teaching/tutoring English, is to use activities for reading, speaking, writing, and listening as an aid for the learner’s self-growth.

I found that spending quality class time with learners allowed me to observe their learning limitations and develop creative ways that I could supplement their learning needs. I also found it exciting to learn about the wonderful world of digital learning tools. I found that I can use and create lesson plans that include digital format learning in our online and in-class sessions as supplemental and reinforcement learning tools that often offer assessment and evaluation features built in the program(s). 

As a Language Assistant and tutor, I utilized existing websites in collaboration with some of my original work-product.  Below, I have included links, resources, assessment and evaluation resources, to aid educators and learners alike. These aids can be used to share ideas and be used in individual work, group work, and pair work, for in-class and on-line activities. 

*Citations can be found on work product* 

Lesson Plan – New Years Day and Resolutions

The History of Halloween (Sources cited in download.)

Thanksgiving Menu (Source:

Music ‘Rhythm Tree’ Activity

Fill in the Zombie Story (Source:

Rubric Ideas for Musical Instrument Performance and Design (Sources cited in download.)