As a Language Assistant through the Ministry of Education of Spain’s Bilingual Program, I was placed in the municipality of Meco teaching at a secondary school (ages 12-15). The subjects I teach are English, History, Physical Education, and Music.

Main activities I use as a Language Assistant include:
  • Administered online and in-class workbook assignments;
  • Guided breakout sessions to review classroom history material;
  • Used games to enhance grammar, cultural, and conversational skills;
  • Exposed students to online music learning platforms;
  • Prepared presentations (Travel, Religions of the World, Nutrition, Thanksgiving, and others);
  • Supported Physical Educator in indoor/outdoor recreational and physical health games and assessments;
  • Guided students to participate in school’s holiday-themed activities and competitions (Jerusalema Dance, Halloween Best Decorated Door contest, Best Christmas Card contest, etc.);
  • Observed and assessed mock Cambridge PET writing exam;
  • Utilized videos for digitized learning (Music, United States Geography, Grammar, and others).